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Hello, I'm Vanessa

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I am a proud native of Citrus Heights, born at Mather Air Force Base, and a passionate advocate for equitable education for all students. As the oldest of two and coming from a family with deep roots in the U.S. Air Force, a strong sense of duty, service, and commitment to others has been instilled in me at an early age. My parents, both dedicated veterans, have shaped my values and drive to make a difference.

My educational path and the opportunities I've been given are a result of the freedom provided by parental choice and agency. It enabled my mother to enroll me in the most suitable public schools throughout the County, aligning with my specific educational needs. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from California Baptist University and later expanded my education by earning a Master of Business Administration with a focus on international finance from Drexel University. My educational path has equipped me with a keen understanding of complex systems and the ability to navigate challenging landscapes with grace and insight. 

Guided by my core values of honesty, respect, and dignity, my commitment to community service sparked the start of my career in education as an external auditor for K-12 public school districts, ultimately leading to my role as a public school administrator. As an administrator, I assumed responsibilities ranging from ensuring compliance with state and federal funds to overseeing student support and services, all while upholding the principles of governance and accountability. Crucially, my experience has involved close collaboration with parents, actively listening to their concerns and working together to devise meaningful solutions through constructive feedback.

Why I Am Running

My decision to run for office stems from my unwavering dedication to our community, especially in the face of the disheartening erosion of parental agency in their student's education. My passion for empowering parents and families, breaking down educational complexities into accessible information, and championing the right of every parent to make informed decisions for their child's education is at the core of my mission.


Every student deserves access to quality education, regardless of their background, economic status, education level, or home language. I am ready to be the voice of parents and students in the room where it happens and humbly ask for your support in this important endeavor. Join me in the mission to bring a positive voice to Sacramento County's educational landscape.

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