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My Commitments

Parent Choice & Agency 

  • Every parent should have the freedom to select the educational program and school that best meets their student's needs.

  • No parent should be forced to enroll their student in a school that they believe fails to provide the necessary resources, opportunities, or environment for effective learning, growth, and development.

  • I stand for parents making informed decisions and exercising their right to provide their students with an equitable public education that truly aligns with their student's potential. 

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More Funding for Students

  • Champion fiscal accountability and oversight to ensure that every dollar allocated to education is used effectively and efficiently. 

  • Leverage my deep understanding and extensive experience in school funding to review budgets and ensure responsible financial management. 

  • Prioritize the alignment of goals and actions with the appropriate resources to maximize the impact on student learning and achievement. 

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Supporting our Teachers

  • Recognize the crucial role of qualified and experienced educators as a cornerstone for achieving educational excellence.

  • Committed to advocating for policies that prioritize students while acknowledging the impact of educator well-being on education quality.

  • Understanding that by supporting educators, we create a stronger educational system beneficial for both students and teachers.


Listening to Parent Voices 

  • Dedication to ensuring every parent, regardless of economic status, education, or home language, has the opportunity to engage in their child's education.

  • Commitment to working tirelessly to address and lift parent concerns.

  • Advocacy for policies promoting transparency, accessibility, and collaboration between parents and educators.

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Amplify Student Voice

  • Working closely with students, cultivating a steadfast dedication to amplifying their voices within the realm of education.

  • Dedicated to advocating for policies, programs, and resources that empower students with essential advocacy skills. Striving to build a foundation that transforms students into effective advocates and future leaders within our community.

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